Triumphant Acclaim: Moulis Advertisement Services’ Double Maddys Triumph

Synopsis: Moulis Advertisement Services, a leading advertising firm, has won two prestigious awards at the Maddys 2024 for their outstanding Public Service Print Campaign for NTPC Limited, Delhi, and the Maddys Design Brochure for Deepotsav 2023 for UP Tourism.
Monday, July 1, 2024
Source : ContentFactory

Moulis Advertisement Services has made a significant mark in the advertising industry by winning two awards at the 42nd Madaras Advertising Club Awards, Maddys 2024. The awards, announced on June 28, 2024, highlight Moulis's exceptional creativity and dedication to delivering innovative advertising solutions.

The first accolade was for their Public Service Print Campaign designed for NTPC Limited, Delhi. This campaign was recognized for its impactful and engaging content that effectively communicated NTPC’s message to the public. The print campaign demonstrated Moulis's expertise in crafting compelling narratives that resonate with a wide audience, showcasing their proficiency in public service communication.

The second award was for the Maddys Design Brochure created for Deepotsav 2023, an event organized by UP Tourism in Ayodhya. The brochure was lauded for its visually stunning design and informative content, which captured the essence of the Deepotsav festival. This recognition underscores Moulis's ability to blend aesthetic appeal with informative content, creating a comprehensive and engaging promotional tool.

The Maddys is one of India’s most respected advertising award shows, celebrating outstanding creative achievements in the advertising industry. Winning at such a prestigious event is a testament to Moulis’s commitment to excellence and innovation. The firm's success at the Maddys 2024 is a reflection of their consistent efforts to push the boundaries of advertising and deliver top-notch solutions for their clients.

Arvind Mittal, the Managing Director and CEO of Moulis Advertising, expressed his pride and gratitude for the awards. He acknowledged the hard work and creativity of his team, emphasizing their collective effort in achieving these accolades. Mittal reiterated Moulis’s dedication to helping clients achieve their marketing goals through innovative and effective advertising strategies.