Revolutionary Rice Yield Breakthrough in Bicol Region

Synopsis: In Camarines Sur, farmer Genaro Tamon achieved a record-breaking rice yield of 15.78 metric tons per hectare using SeedWorks Philippines’ US 88 Premium Long Grain hybrid rice variety. This achievement surpasses national averages and underscores the potential of technology-driven agriculture.
Monday, July 1, 2024
Source : ContentFactory

In Bombon town, Camarines Sur, Genaro Tamon has set a new benchmark in rice production. On April 17, 2024, he harvested an unprecedented 15.78 metric tons of rice per hectare, using SeedWorks Philippines’ US 88 Premium Long Grain hybrid rice variety. This remarkable yield surpasses Tamon's previous record of 15.73 metric tons set in May 2020, during the pandemic.

At the time of harvest, the prevailing farm gate price of rice was P21.50 per kilogram, resulting in Tamon earning a gross revenue of P339,270 for the season. SeedWorks Philippines, known for its innovative agricultural solutions, provided Tamon with 15 kilograms of hybrid rice seeds imported from India.

Carlos Saplala, president of SeedWorks Philippines, emphasized that Tamon's achievement highlights the effectiveness of their US 88 hybrid rice variety, tailored for local conditions and disease resistance. This variety not only yields significantly higher than the national average but also contributes to reducing rice imports.

Saplala highlighted that with a milling recovery of approximately 65%, each hectare of US 88 rice saves the Philippines from importing over 7,500 kilograms of milled rice. The production process in India ensures optimal seed quality, crucial for achieving consistent yields despite the unpredictable Philippine climate.

SeedWorks Philippines continues to support national initiatives for affordable rice, aligning with President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.'s agricultural policies. The National Irrigation Administration aims to make rice available at P29 per kilogram through its Kadiwa stores, bolstered by procurement from 40,000 hectares under contract farming agreements.