Infinite Ribbons: Merete Rasmussen's Ceramic Odyssey Unfolds at Pangolin London

Synopsis: Danish artist Merete Rasmussen's new sculptural ceramics exhibition at Pangolin London showcases elegantly looping ribbons exploring infinity. The show includes bronze works and silver jewelry created in collaboration with Pangolin Editions foundry.
Sunday, June 30, 2024
Pangolin London
Source : ContentFactory

Pangolin London is hosting an exciting exhibition of new sculptural ceramics by Danish artist Merete Rasmussen, showcasing her innovative approach to form and space. The exhibition, titled "Undulations," features meticulously hand-crafted clay sculptures that appear as colorful ideas articulated in space. These works consist of elegantly looping ribbons with no discernible beginning or end, exploring the concept of infinity through a single connected edge.

Rasmussen's sculptures twist and turn with unpredictable energy, seemingly reconciling the irreconcilable forces of expansion and contraction into one harmonious whole. The artist employs the concept of 'negative curvature' in her work, where each line resolves its journey by meeting its beginning. This technique creates intriguing forms that encourage viewers to examine the sculptures from multiple angles to fully comprehend their structure. As Rasmussen explains, "I like the form to be intriguing in that you would like to know how it works and you might want to see it from more than one angle to understand it."

The exhibition marks an exciting new direction in Rasmussen's work, inspired by her ongoing interest in the natural world, mathematical surfaces, and negative space. Visitors to the gallery will notice specific reference points in her sculptures, ranging from the intricate folded forms of seaweed to the pleats found in leaf morphology, such as revolute, involute, and plicate structures. This fusion of natural inspiration and mathematical precision creates a unique aesthetic that challenges viewers' perceptions and invites contemplation.

In addition to her ceramic pieces, the exhibition showcases the results of Rasmussen's nine-year collaboration with Pangolin Editions foundry. This partnership has allowed the artist to expand her repertoire and experiment with new materials and techniques. The show features four compelling new bronze works, including larger sculptures designed for outdoor display, demonstrating the versatility of Rasmussen's artistic vision. Furthermore, eight small pieces of jewelry cast in sterling silver are on display, offering a more intimate and wearable interpretation of her sculptural forms.

Rasmussen's work has gained significant recognition in the art world, with her pieces held in numerous public collections. These include prestigious institutions such as The Victoria and Albert Museum in London, National Museums of Scotland in Edinburgh, The Museum of Arts and Design in New York, The National Fund of Contemporary Arts in France, The Crafts Council Collection in the UK, and the Fitzwilliam Museum in Cambridge. This widespread representation in esteemed collections underscores the enduring appeal and significance of Rasmussen's artistic output.

The ongoing appeal of Rasmussen's sculptures lies in their ability to challenge our desire to find human significance in abstract forms. Her work invites viewers to engage with the sculptures on both an intellectual and emotional level, encouraging a deeper appreciation for the interplay between form, space, and material. Building upon a brilliantly original and consistent body of work, this exhibition promises to delight, surprise, and offer ample space for contemplation.

"Undulations" marks Rasmussen's fourth solo exhibition at Pangolin London, further solidifying her relationship with the gallery and her position in the contemporary art scene. The exhibition runs from June 14 to July 20, providing art enthusiasts and collectors with an opportunity to experience Rasmussen's latest creations firsthand. As Pangolin London represents Rasmussen in the UK, this exhibition serves as a significant showcase of her evolving artistic practice and her continued exploration of form, material, and space.